I ❤ Sexy

Feeling sexy is your birthright as a woman.

When you move your body in ways that feel luscious, you can’t help but relax & feel yummy. When you dress how you want, because it feels delicious & reflects who you are on the inside, your body smiles.

When you acknowledge your own beauty & hotness, you become radiant & alluring. To your spouse/lover. To your friends. To the world. People are inexplicably drawn to you—that’s the essence of what it means to be + feel sexy.

I know you’ve felt this way before.

As a glowing bride or proud mom. When you fell in love. Or as a child flying free on a swing.

When you can’t stop grinning, for no apparent reason. When you’re overcome with gratitude at a friend’s love or stranger’s generosity. Or filled with awe at the ocean.

That time you went skinning dipping. And after great sex. <wink>

Imagine feeling this way again. Whenever you choose.

The power is in you. You already possess it.

You just need to know how to re-discover it. And tap into the bottomless well of your erotic power. Your creative life force.

And I can help. Because, if I did it, so can you.

Before I took up sensual dance, I believed I’d inherited low libido with my blonde hair and blue eyes. On those rare occasions I felt wisps of desire, my endless mind chatter got in the way.

Turned out, I was so wrong.


Tah Dah…


I SEXY is a playful e-course developed to take you on a treasure hunt for your sensual self.

The woman you are meant to be.

I SEXY is for anyone who’s ever thought …

I long to feel vibrant.

Have you seen my sex drive? I want it baaaack!

Each  day for 7 days you’ll receive a message from me that you’ll look forward to opening. It just might be the highlight of your day. Or at least lead you there.

It’s all about feeling joy & passion in your daily life.


Here’s what you’ll discover about your sexy siren self:

Day 1:  The color of your soul.

Day 2:  What emotions you surf  + what emotions you savor.

Day 3:  Your siren spirit animal.

Day 4:  Your signature scent.

Day 5:  Your favorite way to be. Just Be.

Day 6:  What element you most identity with:  Air, Earth, Fire or Water.

Day 7:  Your theme song.


I created I SEXY because I’m tired of living in a culture that tames women and dims their stunning light.

I want to share secrets with you that I learned from my 10-year sensual dance journey.  The more I play & dance, the more I know my siren soul & the more joyous life becomes.

And I want to live in a world of women who sparkle. Don’t you?

I pulled together life-changing lessons from my most shared blog posts & forthcoming memoir which tells the story of how I transformed from a woman who lived in her head, disconnected from desire. To a passionate woman who dances on the beach every week. And has better sex in her 40s (after 25 years of marriage) than she did in her 20s.

Are you ready to feel this sexy?


Start  I  SEXY now!