About Lisa

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Hi! I’m Lisa Faulkner.

I’m a Public Health Expert who teaches women with busy minds how to get out of their head, awaken their bodies to bliss and feel sexy.

I’ve longed to live in a world filled with vibrant individuals since writing my first research paper on biofeedback in junior high school. I studied psychobiology in college at the University of Pennsylvania. Then spent 20 years researching and teaching in health services and academia. I earned a PhD from UC Berkeley.

It wasn’t until discovering sensual dance that I found the secret to magnetic radiance. Now I’m creating a world where dance and play help women tap into their sensuality to heal themselves and transform the world.

Through my delightful blog posts, forthcoming memoir, e-courses and workshops, I’ll inspire you to discover the treasures buried in your hips and unleash your inner siren.

My insights have been featured in More Magazine, Bad Kitty USA Pole Blog, BodybindsⓇ Blog, PDbloggers, OwningPink and Le Vie Sirene.

When I’m not mentoring women to shine and own their beauty, you’ll find me spinning around a pole, skipping through waves, or sipping champagne in wine country with my husband.

Dare you to join me!