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    LISA! I’m so so glad that you posted this (and that you’ve joined the challenge!). I thought of you when the challenge was posted and the practice of actually writing regularly. And I’m working on a post for Steel Heart Dance – trying to present it in a way that will appeal to all types of clients. I will definitely use this as a reference point.

    1. Lisa Faulkner

      Sara, glad you found this helpful. I look forward to your Steel Heart Dance post and photographs. The teaser one you shared captures what it feels like to dance in that space (which I got to do for the first time yesterday.) Blog challenge is going pretty well. I did one over the summer in response to prompts. I like the freedom coming up with my own topics. For some reason my day 5 post isn’t showing up on my home page, but only in the “lessons from the pole’ category. It’s about my last class with Ana. You might find it helpful too. http://poledancingprofessor.com/2011/12/why-not-choose-the-easy-way/

      I missed Day 6! But danced twice, once at the beach so it was a good trade off. ; ) So let me know what I can promote for you when the challenge ends!

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