My Top Ten 2011 Posts About Pole Dancing & S Factor

by Michelle Hayes Photography

These are my top ten posts (in reverse chronological order) from 2011 about pole dancing and S’ing. And the reasons why. Thanks to Lori Meyers’ top ten pole dancing posts list for the idea!

10. Dance to Ignite Your Soul!

Watching the video fills me with joy and reminds me to Dance. Dance. Dance. And shake my hips. It was my first guest post on Owning Pink.  And it inspired me to pursue my Sirens in the Sand Club even as it’s sole member (for now). Join me?

9. Magical Last Class with My First S Teacher

Because now it’s there for me now anytime I need to re-experience the class or the lesson. But even more because when I shared it with my teacher she experienced it as a gift.

8. Thinking through my definition of Pole Dancing

What’s yours? Because of it, my 2012 Wish & Do list includes pole dancing on the beach with my Sirens in the Sand club!

7. Flex Your Feet!

The post that kicked off my Start Now 30 Day Blog Challenge. Thanks to Natasha Wang, it’s my most shared post of the year. It felt scary to post, just like some of my favorite dances. Because I had to get vulnerable and honest. I’ve got more of those posts in the works…

6. What is S Factor?

Because I wanted this post to be written long before it was. And I’m thrilled to have it to link to every time I mention S. I need a similar one called, “What is a nutritarian?”

5. Seeing My Body as A Work of Art

My first ‘scary’ post. Almost wasn’t courageous enough. The overwhelming supportive response from my friends made it worth it. It helps me continue to write my authentic truth. And I hope it inspires other women to love and nurture their bodies as the works of art that they are.

4. When a Little Reggae Made EveryTING Irie…

Sometimes being a woman who sees the world from a feminine perspective is challenging and dark. When the sun finally comes out, it’s better than ever. Thank Goddess for my Sisters.

3. ‘High’ on Life Walk Among the Redwoods

Tuning into my senses and turning the dial up to high makes living, something as simple as taking a walk, feel like dancing. This entry reminds me I can tap into my pole dancing high any time and any place I want.

2. Getting my S on in the Sand

Dreams come true. Each time I S in the sand, magic happens…

1. My first post

About the first subtle, yet big change in me from S and pole dancing.

If you’re a blogger, what were your top ten posts from 2011?  If you’re a reader what were top ten reads?


Day 25 in my version of the Start Now 30-day blog challenge. Scroll to the bottom of Day 2 post for all the background details.

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  1. Lori Myers on December 31, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    I love your posts!