Three Dreams: How to Adore Mondays, Manifest Travel & Conquer Pole Tricks

Today’s #Trust30 prompt:  Dreams by Michael Rad

“Abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, obey thy heart. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what’s holding you back from them.”


Adore Mondays

Most fridays a friend posts on Facebook:  “Friday, Friday my love.”

It makes me smile. Sometimes the song, Freddy my love, pops into my head. Please, don’t ask me why. I suppose just because I’ve watched the movie Grease a few too many times. Today, it reminded that one of my life-long dreams has been to love mondays. Every week.  As much as Fridays.

Because of a Sunset magazine article, TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) has been a focus during 2011 for me. Some Mondays are better than others.  Often I feel lonely after having the weekend with my husband. If I had an S Factor class to attend first thing in the morning that would be my ideal start to the week.

Sadlly, right now, the San Fancisco studio doesn’t offer one in the schedule. But hey, if you live in the SF Bay area and want one, email or call to request it and maybe we can manifest one!  I can try Monday night. I can also do spine circles or an entire warm-up at home.

And S isn’t the only thing that brings me joy.  Other options:

  1. Time in nature, especially on a beach or in redwoods. As simple as taking a walk,particularly at sunrise.
  2. Some other kind of dance, like shimmy pop, or Nia. I’d love a chair dance burlesque class. What about it Deb?  I’d love this any day (except Thursday), even in the afternoon or early on a weeknight
  3. Connecting with people, especially meeting with a collaborator to brainstorm or interview.
  4. Writing for an hour, to a prompt. Or  blog.  Or my memoir.

All these would have me jumping out of bed most Mondays. I think I’ll experiment – try one each for the next few months.  Nature. Dance.  Connect. Write. Cycle through again. Nature. Dance. Connect. Write.

Message to self:  Don’t forget those spine circles.  Even just a song or two. To feel grounded. And stretch those hips and thighs.

Do you adore Mondays?  If not, what will you do to enjoy them more?  And eventually love them as much as Fridays, if not more?

Manifest Travel

I yearn to travel more this year.

San Luis Obispo beach in late July or early August for some S’ing in the sand with retreat friends. CT/PA/NY in late August to visit family. Turkey in September or late October to visit cousins and finally visit Greece – on my honeymoon short list 22 years ago!) Monterey in October for Fall 2011 S Factor retreat!!! I dream of attending them all. I bloom into my best self at them, ‘nuff said. Kauai in late October for my husband’s birthday (or in November or December if he prefers) to thank him for his awesome support, patience and love during the last year. Huahine, an atoll like Rangiroa or Fakarava, Moorea cuz we love it ,and the Aranui to the Marquesas in 2012.

    What’s stopping all of these travels. Money.  Until a year ago, I didn’t have enough time off to travel. Especially not in shoulder season, which we prefer because it’s more affordable and less crowded.  During the last year I’ve had all the time in the world, but money has been the limiting factor.  So, how can I create more money?

    • Finish my two articles and submit them.
    • Pitch my three book ideas.
    • Combine business & travel in above locations?  Research writing, speaking, conference, educational opportunities in the above locations.
    • Savor my desire and yearning. Trust the Universe. Add Pink Bubble Meditations (thanks, Sophie).

    In brief, Pink Bubble Meditations suggest you envision your heart’s desire, really feel the joy, place it in a pink bubble and release it to the universe with gratitude. I think this is a great practice to do at night before sleep.  Joy & Gratitude journaling followed by Pink Bubble Heart’s Desire Meditation.  What a yummy end to each day.  Then dream about dreams.

    Where do you dream of traveling this year? Next year?  What can you do to manifest more travel?  Or whatever big dreams you desire that seem a little impossible because of lack of money or time or both?

    Pole tricks

    My weight is still a limiting factor.  Obviously, weight loss would help.  I am working on that. Several years ago I shed 30 pounds and pole tricks came easier.  When I shed another 30-40 pounds, tricks will become easier yet again.

    In the mean time I can build more upper body strength (thanks, Crystal). More climbing—one legged, no legs(?!) or try alternating legs (loved that in Amy Kim’s Human Fly Polesque video). More pole holds, pole ups, push ups, and planks in my future.

    For weight loss:

    Add more cardio, like hikes in the hills. And shimmy pop.

    • Stricter Eat to Live, which is sooo easy, somtimes.  If I can solve the underlying reason for this, I’ll unlock an imortant key for myself and behavioral public health.
    • Keep a food journal, maybe it will help me understand when easy and when tricky.
    • A week of detox version might help too.

    How have you nailed new pole tricks after years of trying to get them?  If you aren’t into pole tricks, what have you dream have you struggled with for years?  What can you tweak to get closer?

    And I need to remember, when I first started pole dancing, I couldn’t do the most basic of spins because I feared lifting one foot, never mind two off the ground.  This photo inspires me since it captures me in a spin with no feet on the pole.

    What can you remind yourself that you’ve accomplished in the past to fuel current dreams?

    For #Trust30 participants:  What’s been your experience with the repetitive nature of some of the prompts?

    Personally, I like how they nudge me deeper into myself, my knowledge, my trust, my power. It’s as if they’ve asked:  What’s next?  What else?  What’s under that?



    #Trust30 is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge that encourages you to look within and trust yourself. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your now, and to create direction for your future. 30 prompts from inspiring thought-leaders will guide you on your writing journey.

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